In the intricate world of the capital market, BVA Advogados’ expertise goes beyond fundraising, encompassing a wide spectrum of specialized services catering to companies, investors, and financial institutions. With a comprehensive and pragmatic approach, we provide extensive counsel in areas such as equity, debt, hybrids, securitization, and investment funds.


Capital Markets

  • We offer regulatory guidance pertaining to rules established by the CVM (Brazil’s Securities and Exchange Commission).
  • Legal support is available for publicly traded companies.
  • We handle M&As for publicly traded entities.
  • Our services extend to public tender offers (OPAs).
  • We’re well-versed in both initial public offerings (IPOs) and subsequent offerings.
  • Our expertise covers private placements and public offerings of various securities, including debentures, promissory notes, commercial paper, agricultural receivables certificates (CRA), and real estate receivables certificates (CRI).
  • We can assist with administrative processes overseen by CVM, BSM, or the National Financial System Resources Council.
  • Our team is well-versed in the regulatory sandbox maintained by CVM.
  • We also offer expertise in commitment agreements.

Investment Funds and Asset Management

  • We can guide you through the acquisition, financing, and disposal of assets involving investment funds.
  • Our legal support extends to regulatory and tax matters within the realm of investment funds and the provision of asset management services.
  • We can assist in the structuring and registration of investment funds, including Private Equity Funds, Multimarket Funds, Index Funds, Equity Funds, and other liquid funds, Investment Funds in Receivables, Non-standardized Investment Funds in Receivables, Real Estate Investment Funds, Infrastructure Investment Funds, and Investment Funds in Investment Fund Units.
  • We’re equipped to help structure public offerings and private placements, as well as transactions involving funds in the secondary market.



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