Driven by ambitions

We are a young law firm, full of attitude and new ideas. We have an agile and innovative way of working, whose purpose is to be truly on the side of customers in their projects and to grow together with them. We offer comprehensive, personalized and high technical quality legal advice.

Mundo Dubai

Build and develop businesses, enable ideas and projects, make investments, mergers and acquisitions, assist entrepreneurs and managers in their professional journeys, transform companies into corporations and startups into unicorns. These are our specialties and also the reflection of our dynamic and entrepreneurial personality.

We have a persistent profile, which breathes technology and drives domestic and foreign customers from more than 60 countries. Our team is driven by the ambition of our clients and our advocacy is objective and always looking towards decision making, helping entrepreneurs, investors and managers to conduct their business with precision and assertiveness.

Together with clients

on their journey

A world without borders requires positioning and strategy. To achieve results in a global environment, we need to act in an entrepreneurial manner and be willing to put ourselves in the shoes of customers, accompanying them very closely on their journeys, adapting to new realities and providing concepts, techniques and theses that make their business wider and safer.

Therefore, when opting for BVA’s legal advice, the client will be accompanied by a full-service office, which really understands dreams, people, business and strategies. Our team is prepared to guide companies that seek to undertake, grow and succeed in a complex political and economic environment, in Brazil and worldwide.


in Brazil and the world

We help foreign companies to enter and do business in Brazil, but we also take Brazilian companies to the world. North America, Asia, Central America and the Middle East are our main markets, with an emphasis also on Europe.

For this, we have a consolidated international presence, with partnerships on all continents to make new projects feasible beyond national borders. This makes us one of the Brazilian offices seen as a reference abroad and one of the few specialized in SMBs.

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