An area where everything is tailor-made

New business formats and new technologies require contracts that adjust to demands. Simple or complex, local or international, given the plurality of themes of a different nature that the practice involves – and the constant need to reduce the closing curve of clients’ contracts – our area has a very clear focus: understanding the real needs of clients and the business to be formatted, structuring the documents in such a way as to favor clarity and objectivity, always combined with the best legal technique.

Our close service and involvement in the clients’ day-to-day lives ensure a deep understanding of the operation and the business model, offering clear and assertive solutions that minimize risks, but without impacting the results. This area also allows our office to provide management and internal communication practices, making the negotiation process more efficient.

Our professionals combine varied knowledge, cross data and study all possibilities to arrive at a direction that details all legal responsibilities, rights and obligations, safeguarding to the maximum all financial, operational, regulatory and tax aspects of the business.

The area also offers Visual Law and Legal Design services to clients who intend to facilitate the understanding of contracts, including through the production of playbooks and the implementation of control systems for contracts and electronic signatures.


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