Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Sustainability and governance first.

Using our extensive experience in representing the buy and sell sides, our ESG Investments team is recognized by the TTR – Transactional Track Record as one of the most transacted in Brazil.

ESG is a set of criteria for conduct and environmental, social, and corporate governance practices, which aims to establish an agenda for changing the traditional economic and financial metrics for evaluating companies and businesses.

With the increasing engagement of investors and the changing behavior of consumers, the regulation of matters related to ESG practices has been gaining strength, and the market is beginning to show signs of increasing adherence to this type of investment, considering that companies that pay attention to ESG factors have shown a potential to generate returns above the market.

ESG practices are plural and use different methodologies according to the investor’s objective and the company’s sector. Our role is to help our clients navigate this value-generating environment that will undoubtedly change the flow of investments worldwide.

Our team advises several venture capital funds in investment rounds in Brazil and abroad, in addition to national and foreign investors in the allocation of resources in startups and technology companies from different sectors in primary and secondary offerings. With these investors increasingly concerned with the sustainability of the invested businesses, our team has developed a multidisciplinary work methodology, composed of several areas of the office, capable of offering personalized and efficient service, as it should be.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are an investor or a company interested in knowing or implementing ESG practices. We aim to be with you in generating value through sustainable business.

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