Labor and Social Security Law

An area of people and for people

With a focus on serving national and foreign banks, financial institutions, technology companies, and industries in various sectors, our labor and social security practice have comprehensive consultative and strategic litigation, always looking for customized solutions according to the needs of our customers.

Our legal consultancy aims to adapt companies to new market requirements, such as relationships within the scope of electronic platforms and service marketplaces, diversity and inclusion policies, new types of benefit packages, alternative models of participation and partnerships, in addition to performance in matters related to GDPL compliance, and eSocial – Digital Tax Bookkeeping System for Social Security and Labor Obligations.

We aim to make companies more humane and appropriate to the new types of work, not neglecting the delivery of the correct information to official inspection bodies, avoiding questions and increasingly protecting their business.

With technological tools and expertise in the subject, our professionals deliver to clients a vision of the best and most updated scenario to work on to reduce risks and maximize results.

We also highlight our preventive and strategic profile, involving in-depth analysis of hiring, remuneration and benefits, admissions and dismissals, POS, payroll, conditions for expatriate employees, points and incentive programs, private pension plans, profit sharing and results programs (PLR), bonuses, union issues, social security contributions, and lawsuits.


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