Legal Due Diligence

Evaluating risks for better decision-making

Our Legal Due Diligence specialists provide services for diverse transactions, whether public or private, in Brazil and abroad. We assist in M&A transactions, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Debt Capital Markets (DCM), Joint-Ventures, and all types of assets. Our team handles both the buy-side and sell-side, covering the following areas:

  • M&A and Capital Markets;
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital;
  • DCM (CRA, CRI, debenture issues, etc.);
  • Debt;
  • Annual and preventive audits;
  • ESG

On the buy-side, we help buyers and investors obtain a clear picture of the target company’s current situation. We identify liabilities, risks, contingencies, and obligations that may impact the transaction and its parties. Our multidisciplinary analysis evaluates all areas of the target company based on their relevance to the transaction. We aim to provide comfort to buyers and investors, enabling better decision-making by measuring and evaluating risks.

On the sell-side, we anticipate the perceptions of the buyer or investor by conducting a prior analysis of the company’s situation. This approach allows us to resolve any risks, liabilities, and contingencies before the other party identifies them. We aim to preserve the value of the company and the liquidity of its assets. During the transaction, our team monitors the entire audit process conducted by the buyer or investor, ensuring the quality of information and documents provided.


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