Secondment & Legal OPS

A predictable response to unpredictable situations

The BVA Secondment Program is made up of multidisciplinary professionals, with excellent legal qualifications and corporate experience. Learn about our methodology used on the website

Our secondment or legal outsourcing area serves some of the largest companies in Brazil and the world, mainly in the technology, electronics, and advertising sector, being an extremely advantageous alternative for the legal and leaner business departments. This is, undoubtedly, an advanced resource to have an office acting in a 100% reliable and dedicated way to the specific needs of each business.

The practice consists of allocating lawyers from our office within the company or, under exclusive dedication operating from our office. In addition to the cost, the advantage is that this professional will work directly in partnership with the internal team and, following their daily lives, will create an essential synergy to assist in strategic decision-making.

The level of interaction that we seek allows our office to be inserted into the operation whenever necessary, enabling our performance in peak demand, extraordinary demands, special projects and operations, or even for specific issues that may arise.

We are careful to choose an experienced lawyer in line with the needs presented to us. We carefully select professionals with a “pro-business” view who can make a big difference for our clients. We work with constant reports for our team, discussing the operation’s peculiarities, reducing communication noise, and making work more agile and dynamic.

Whether in contracts, litigation, data protection, M&A, labor, or any other area of Law, our firm has the experience to assist any project, even if it has specific prerequisites.



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