Digital Law, Technology and Innovation

The area that is our DNA

Our office was born and has developed its expertise in Digital Law, where we assist technology-based companies and startups from various sectors, from their creation to their sale. Because we know and live in this market, we understand that it is inherently multidisciplinary. Therefore, we have a diverse presence in this dynamic scenario of innovation, technology, and digital business.

We are also recognized for our work in information security, particularly in matters related to financial institutions and technology companies. Our practice includes projects, operations, and contracts for technology services, software and SaaS, iPaaS, data center agreements, equipment-related contracts, infoproducts, VOD, streaming, shared economy, marketplaces, and cloud solutions.

We also engage in innovation projects, partnerships between private companies and public entities, innovation financing programs, and, together with our intellectual property department, we handle licensing and assignment of software, technologies, patents, and know-how in over 50 countries. This includes the preparation and review of related contracts. In this area, we specialize in the following sectors:

Blockchain and Digital Assets

  • Advisory services in transactions, including cross-border transactions, involving digital assets;
  • Regulatory assistance regarding regulations issued by the Central Bank, CVM, SUSEP, and other regulators regarding digital assets;
  • Tax and regulatory advice on the offering of digital assets;
  • Establishment of digital asset service providers (VASPs);
  • Compliance consulting and prevention and combating of money laundering involving digital assets;
  • DREX (Digital Real);
  • Legal structuring of offerings of digital assets;
  • Intellectual property and data protection involving digital assets.


  • Advisory to founders in the conceptualization, creation, and development of payment institutions, direct credit societies, and peer-to-peer lending societies, including the authorization process with the Central Bank;
  • Assistance in investment rounds conducted by venture capital funds;
  • Regulatory guidance on the National Financial System (SFN), Brazilian Payment System (SPB), Open Banking, and Instant Payments;
  • Assistance in the preparation of Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policies, and other structuring instruments for products;
  • Assistance in the preparation and negotiation of strategic partnerships between fintechs and institutions authorized to operate by the Central Bank;
  • Consulting on compliance and supervision of current banking regulations;
  • Consulting on data protection, banking secrecy, General Data Protection Law (LGPD), and cybersecurity;
  • Preparation, negotiation, and implementation of financial operations carried out by fintechs;
  • Structuring of financial products and payment methods with digital platforms and similar technologies;
  • Regulatory structure involving Investment Funds in Receivables (FIDCs).


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