Digital Law, Technology and Innovation

The area that is our DNA

Our firm was born in Digital Law, focused on the technology market: with great experience in assisting technology-based companies and startups in the most diverse sectors, we have accompanied several clients from its creation to sale, including formatting, adaptation and development of business model, in addition to the investment rounds.

We know and live in this market, as we serve some of the largest companies in Brazil and the world, as well as startups that have achieved unicorn status and some of the largest investment funds in Brazil. And we know that this area is multidisciplinary in nature.

Therefore, we have a very plural role in this scenario of innovations, technologies and digital businesses. A close approach to the client and a work with a broad look at the demands of these industries, which still have alternative business models and arrangements and live with legislative, fiscal, political and structural uncertainties.

We provide consultancy on issues relating to contracts with vendors, customers and users of platforms and marketplaces, in addition to creating policies and terms of use and use of cookies for the most diverse sectors, including Fintechs, Healthtechs, Foodtechs, Insurtechs, Edtechs, HR techs, Adtechs, Martechs, Agtechs and, of course, e-commerce and online retail.

Our technology practice is also recognized for its performance in information security, mainly for banks, financial institutions and technology and e-commerce companies.

Our practice includes projects, operations and service contracts for technology, software and SaaS, iPaaS, data center agreements, contracts related to equipment, infoproducts, VOD, streaming, shared economy, marketplacing and cloud solutions.

We also operate in innovation projects, partnerships between private companies and public entities, innovation financing programs and, together with the area of intellectual property, we carry out licensing and assignment of software, technologies, patents and know-how in more than 50 countries, including the preparation and review of related contracts.

Our challenge is that many of the new technologies that customers present to us need framing. For these cases, we will also have appropriate legal solutions focused on protecting the interests involved in the business.


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