Foreign Investment and Cross-Border Transactions

Your route to new markets

At our firm, we have extensive experience working with clients from various continents in different areas of practice. We understand that dealing with different cultures requires not only expertise but also a broad network of relationships with international players and the flexibility to tackle challenges when investing or undertaking operations abroad.

As Brazilian companies increasingly seek to expand their operations globally, we have a proven track record of helping technology, consumer goods, and franchising companies succeed in international business ventures. We work alongside foreign law and accounting firms to facilitate the internationalization of Brazilian companies to multiple countries, including through offshore structures, using our expertise in Corporate, Banking, and Venture Capital.

We provide guidance to clients on all aspects of exchange regulation, identifying potential impacts and problems and ensuring the best approach is taken to carry out the operation, as well as on their relationship with representation and custody service providers.

Foreign investment is more than just registering with the Central Bank of Brazil – BACEN, making contributions, or opening a company. It involves a multidisciplinary approach, including corporate, contracts, labor, tax, regulatory, and immigration.

Our team provides more than just legal advice; we focus on finding the best alternatives to ensure financial contributions are made within legal standards, increasing the chances of success for the investment or project.


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